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So after posting my last shot from this same location I knew I had to revisit it with my current knowledge. The old shot was blurry and had no chance of making it to print IMO. So I headed back to Potrero Hill to get my shots. I wanted a similar one, with the foreground brake lights. But I realized that was not easy to time just right. I waited and waited and finally got lucky with no cars coming up the hill and only one going down. I will post that some other time :) This shot here is two shots combined in a vertical pano, as I wanted to keep the white clouds above. I also took a shorter exposure for the Coke sign and Rdio AD next to it and masked them in after. Otherwise they were just blown out white squares! I was going to post this last night but when I got home my power went out (Still is out) and computer died within 5 minutes of that, haha figures! Woke up to no alarm as my phone died over night. Pretty much the world was ending. This smelly cafe will have to do for a bit. Enjoy your day.

Canon 5D MK III
Canon 70-200mm f/4 L
ISO 200
50 Seconds

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